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Professionally serving you and your space through these avenues:


What are your needs? 1 task chair and a desk? Furniture to replace and refresh your current space? Furniture to fill your brand new space? We represent a plethora of brands, styles, options, and budgets. We have a no minimum guarantee on any order. All consultations and quotes are free of charge. Check out our major brands here, or if you are more of a hands-on person, book an appointment and flip through all of our materials and find exactly what you need. We even provide real life samples before you order upon request. We work with you to select finishes and fabrics to fit your exact project. No matter your workplace furniture needs, we have you covered.

workplace furniture, bar seating, small meeting area


What are your needs? Not sure what the rest of the space should look like? Don't know what paint, flooring, fixtures, art, & decor to choose? In addition to working together with you to select your furniture finishes, upon request, we work with you to select your other finishes in your space. Book an appointment or send us an email to get started. No matter your workplace furniture needs, we have you covered.

Paint Swatches, finish selections


What are your needs? Reconfiguring one office? Planning for a new facility? Not sure how it will look in real life? You may know exactly what you want, if not, that is okay, because we offer free-of-charge space planning design time with any furniture quote. Book an appointment with us, and we come out and measure your existing space, or work from new construction drawings. We then create a design concept and furniture plan based on your needs and requirements. Once it's ready, we present you with a 2D furniture plan, 3D renderings, and a quote so you'll know exactly what you are ordering. No matter your workplace furniture needs, we have you covered.

Furniture dealer, space planning, drawing layouts


What are your needs? You'll always have the option to install our products yourself and save a couple dollars, but why not trust our reliable, skilled, certified, and insured team with implementation? Let us handle the project from start to finish and we will make sure every i is dotted and t is crossed throughout the entire process. No matter your workplace furniture needs, we have you covered.

installation team, installers, furniture installers
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