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What's our "why"? You. Yes. Absolutely you. Our clients and customers.

We believe everyone deserves a space that is tailored to fit his or her needs, budget, and style. A space that helps him or her do what he or she does best. A space that is aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic.

Equally, we believe we are here to serve. We believe we are here to use our gifts given and education learned to serve others in the design world, by listening and in turn, creating.

"So where does the name Branch & Field come from?"

It comes from the idea that no matter the workplace, it can be defined by a branch & a field. In what field is your workplace? The healthcare field? Manufacturing field? Food service field? And what branch of your workplace are we serving? The administrative branch? The workforce branch? The janitorial branch? No matter the workplace, we can categorize it by a branch & a field. Then, we vow to continue educating ourselves on the specifics of exactly what you do, so in turn we can arrive at the optimum product, design, & solution for your space, your team's space, or your customer's space so you and they can efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably flourish in your workplace.

While Branch & Field desires to be your trusted workplace furniture dealer, it's greatest desires are to (1) encourage others to vow to sow more good and (2) help create opportunity at your workplace so everyone can flourish. We know it all comes down to the people- if your people are flourishing, your workplace is flourishing. Browse through our site and see if we are the dealer for you and your project. Reach out with any questions. And while you're at it, we recommend visiting our sister store for all of your home goods needs, too. You can visit her here. Thank you for your interest and time, we hope to see you soon!

Curious if we can help your workplace?
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